From Scranton, Pennsylvania to Niagara Falls, New York, The Office features scenes in a multitude of locations across the country. Turns out, that's mainly just Hollywood magic! Here's how you can see all of the iconic locations yourself in just two days in Los Angeles.

Let's start with accommodations—for the full experience, you should stay at the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Studio City, CA. In addition to being located right in the middle of all the iconic spots you'll be visiting, this historic hotel was also used for Jim and Pam's wedding in S6E4, Niagara! The part of the hotel featured in the episode is the second lobby, but the entire hotel itself has been significantly renovated and modernized since then—there's not much recognizable from the episode. This is on the nicer side of accommodations, and will run you somewhere between $180 and $200 per night. If you were planning on a budget, you might find a cheaper place to stay and just stop by the hotel one day to take a peek.

The rest of the trip is divided into two days and jam packed with photo-ops and some great looking food. We've planned things based on not having a car and relying on walking or ridesharing to get around, that way you don't have to worry about parking or rental fees. That said, there is a LOT of walking on this itinerary (believe me, you'll want to burn off the calories with the way you'll be eating) so if that's a deal-breaker for you, consider getting a rental or maybe biking!

Day 1: Scrantonicity

Day 1 focuses on the places of Scranton that The Office employees would most commonly visit. We start our day with breakfast at The Hungry Fox Restaurant. This diner was featured in S3E19, The Negotiation. After finding out that Pam kissed Jim on the night she was supposed to marry Roy, Roy attacks Jim in the office. Later, to try to make amends, Roy takes Pam to a diner after work for coffee at this very spot. According to The Office Ladies podcast (featuring cast members Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey), this was also a favorite of the show's creator Greg Daniels! The restaurant has a huge menu featuring everything from traditional breakfast, to omelettes and benedicts, French toast, Belgian Waffles, and some chicken and waffles that look top notch.

Hungry Fox

From here, put on your walking shoes because you'll be strolling for a total of about 8 miles as we stop by various locations from the show. We'll start with the most iconic of them all: THE office. The building where the office was filmed (and the building used for all the exterior shots) is now Chandler Valley Center Studios. Some signage has changed, but it's still definitely recognizable as the same building.

Dunder Mifflin Scranton

From there, head south and you'll reach the Rite Aid that Jim and Pam visited in S2E19, Michael's Birthday where they stocked up on all of Kevin's favorite things to try to cheer him up while he awaited his medical results. Another mile and a half of walking and you'll find the Halpert Residence—Jim's parents house that he purchased for he and Pam. Another mile or so and you'll find yourself whisked away to Niagara Falls as you stumble upon the Church of the Chimes, featured in the show as the Halperts' wedding chapel. A mile east from there will bring you to Oscar's house, featured in S2E13.

Finally, one more mile and a half stretch will bring you to Steamtown Mall, or as it's known in the real world, Westfield Fashion Square. The Steamtown mall was featured in several episodes including S3E22, "Women's Appreciation" and S7E2, "Counseling". Grab some lunch in the food court (the food court scene in "Women's Appreciation" was filmed on the second level) and check out the wide variety of stores mall has to offer from Tesla to Bloomingdales, and of course the Victoria's Secret featured in the show.

When you're ready for a change of pace, hop in a car and head to Pickwick's Pub, known in The Office as Poor Richards! This English pub features a full English breakfast, fish and chips, "bangers", and Scotch eggs along with traditional American pub fair. This honestly just looks like a fun place to hang out and watch a game with friends. Based on the menu, price will vary a lot based on drinks and how hungry you are, but I'd expect somewhere between 20 and 25 dollars per person. While you're here play a round of Up Jenkins or even go bowling at the adjacent bowling alley!

Day 2: Odds & Ends

Day 2 is significantly less packed than Day 1, leaving you plenty of time to see non-Office sights and make the most of your trip! Check out Griffith Observatory & the Hollywood sign or drive along Mulholland Drive—the area is full of things to do no matter your interests. That said, we've still got plenty of essential Office stops to sprinkle throughout the day.

Start off with breakfast at Paty's Restaurant, which appears in S3E3, "The Coup". This is where Dwight and Jan had brunch to discuss Dwight replacing Michael. If you're really committed and want to match Dwight's order, you'll need:

  • 3 slices of toast
  • 2 orders of waffles
  • 1 stack (of 3) pancakes
  • 1 order of sausage

But after all that you'll probably be ready to go back to sleep. All in all, the menu here is massive and it is fairly pricey for being breakfast. I'd plan on spending about $17 per person.

Paty's Diner

After breakfast, kill some time seeing some other sights until you're ready for lunch then head to Kung Pao China Bistro, which appeared S7E15, "The Search" as Mr. Choo's Food Restaurant. This is where Michael dined-and-dashed after Jim leaves Michael behind at a gas station bathroom with no phone or wallet. It looks like the interior has been significantly remodeled since the filming of the episode. That said, the menu looks tasty and they have some great lunch specials (both for your stomach and your wallet)!

Kung Pao China Bistro

At some point, you might want to stop by the First Christian Church of North Hollywood, which is the location of Phyllis' wedding, featured in S3E16. When you're ready for some exercise, head to the LA King's Pickwick Ice Skating rink which is featured in S2E19, "Michael's Birthday" along with the classic short film "Threat Level Midnight". Be sure you check the exact times it's open to the public based on when you go. It varies each day, but seems to typically be open in the middle of the afternoon.

After burning off the calories from lunch, you'll probably want to head back to the hotel to freshen up (and maybe nap) before getting ready for dinner at our final stop: The Smokehouse Restaurant. This location was featured in S6E4, Niagara as the location of Jim and Pam's rehearsal dinner where Jim infamously spilled the beans on Pam's pregnancy in front of Memaw. This looks like a fairly classy steakhouse, so expect to spend a good chunk of change. That said, the food looks phenomenal and the reviews are there to back it up.

And that's a wrap! In just two days, you can see over 14 different locations used in the filming of The Office. After accounting for food, lodging, and transportation, it comes out to just under $400 per person if you split the cost with your favorite fellow Office fan. Be sure to check out the linked itinerary for the full cost breakdown, and use it as inspiration for planning out your perfect trip. As always, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to know when we release a new itinerary.

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